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In some circumstances our engineer might recommend that it is not economical or indeed possible to repair your broken appliance.

We stock a vast selection of freestanding and built in appliances in our own Warehouse situated in Helsby, Nr Frodsham

KKB Appliance Warehouse

Unit 1, Chester Road, Helsby WA6 0QJ

 Washing machines, Dryers, Dishwashers, Ovens, Cookers, Refrigeration both freestanding and integrated/built in on display



We can supply and install all types of freestanding and integrated appliances

 Most appliances are available from stock and will be delivered and installed within 48 hours!!


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01928 604005

07377 551799


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KKB Appliances

Unit 1, Chester Road

Helsby, WA6 0QJ

01928 620744